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why Reservation (ANAMAT) System for patel

Why ‘PATEL’  needs reservation!

Why all protest rally named ‘PATIDAR’!

First I was happy that people are opposing reservation but it was my false impression. I came to know that now PATEL are demanding reservation. Why?

I have seen rally photos on FB and seems like people were interested in taking selfies, videos but not in protest! like they were out for entertainment!!!

I can understand that we are suffering a LOT from reservation system but demanding one’s own reservation is not the solution, in fact it leads society and system to no where, just chaos only.

Instead, We should protest against reservation. We should not brand protest like PATIDAR. It is the problem of other casts also and all knows how many casts we are having. What will be the consequences if PATEL become eligible for reservations?

In short, according to my perception, this is not going in right direction and of course hell ye, this is my blog and I have the right what to say, what not to!!!

New life has begun

My new life and blog’s new life.

I am back now. Unfortunately, I lost all my previous precious posts. Now I have changed the taste of my posts, not major difference but it is fresh one. They would be related to technologies, life, general knowledge etc.

I am in Adelaide, Australia and it is about to complete one month. I am here for new things, new culture, new atmosphere, new new new. That’s why I call this my second life, new one, where I need to start from zero. :)

Stay tuned! Catcha later!!!